A new toy arrived

Thin Client

My little new toy arrived! It’s a Thin Client Tux@Home Q-Box 270 (Intel Atom) with 1GB RAM and 500GB hard disk. One of the nice things about the device is the low power consumption, only 10-15Watt. This is important because I want to use the device as a small home server. To avoid paying the “windows tax / proprietary software tax” I bought the computer at ixsoft.de, a online shop which sells hardware with GNU/Linux pre-installed. It came with Fedora GNU/Linux and now runs the Debian GNU/Linux (Squeeze) operating system which I consider more suitable for the tasks I want to use the device.

Now the more interesting part: What software / services should run on this little helper? In a first step I want to enable ssh access from outside, install an IRC bouncer and a subversion (SVN) server. The next think I would like to install is some kind of address book and calendar which can be used from any device (desktop computer, laptop, smart phone). But therefor I have to look into some solutions first. Kolab looks quite interesting. But I have to see how well it works with my software/hardware setup (Claws-Mail (Thunderbird) and Android). OwnCloud is another project I want to look at. Maybe this could be a nice solution for some file hosting.

If you have a tip for a good address book and calender solution or any other fancy idea what could be done with the Thin Client than drop me a mail or add a comment.

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  2. Hoshpak says:

    I got an ARM-based Sheevaplug some time ago and had essentially the same idea in mind. I tried kolab from the Debian repository and it didn’t work well, the patched cyrus didn’t work as I would expect from an IMAP server and I couldn’t get z-push to work. Compiling all the stuff from source failed because the old rpm version seems to have problems with ARM.

    After trying for some time I switched to a setup based on eGroupware, postfix and dovecot (first courier but it didn’t offer sieve-functionality). So far it works great and syncs my calendar and all important things using groupdav. The only dowside is that it can’t sync with my smartphone yet but I hope Palm will add support for syncml to webos.

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  4. I heard it’s possible to use ownCloud to host iCal and/or vCard.

    Otherwise, I planned to buy a SheevaPlug (or other PlugPC) and thought of running Drupal (homepage), GNU Social (for microblogging and social networking) and maybe my own XMPP, mail, YaCY servers as well.

    Also, I plan to use the fast and lightweight Cherokee instead of Apache when I get one of those :]

  5. Tony Baldwin says:

    Dokuwiki (available ni our repos) has numerous calendar plugin options: http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugins?plugintag=calendar#pluginrepo__table

  6. Tony Baldwin says:

    Oh, I have a server in my office, formerly a desktop workstation, that has pureftpd, irc2-ircd, apache, hosting a dokuwiki installation I use for personal notes, including even a grocery list (update it at home, access from android phone at the grocers!), a mirror of my wordpress blog, and some other goodies I’m experimenting with (tiddly wiki, blazeblogger). I’m especially finding the dokuwiki installation immensely useful and fun to play with.